FUNdamentals and Beyond!

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You want precision and reliability? Wonder how you can keep the same level of performance while increasing the complexity of the behavior?

Get that and more!

This seminar is designed to build on the material covered in Obedience Fundamentals. The topics covered include concepts such as maintaining criteria as complexity increases, cues and stimulus control for the ring, different types of focus, and engagement in training and in the ring.

Identify and handle errors with a positive, structured response, designed to refocus and encourage the dog. Make the behavior you want more likely to happen!

Deconstruct the Figure 8 heeling exercise, breaking down the dog skills needed and handler footwork for a perfect performance.

Use foundation skills to teach distraction proofing games. As always, the emphasis is placed on fun and enthusiasm, while training for precise, reliable behaviors.

Obedience FUNdamentals DVD

Get It Now From Tawzer Dog
  • LEARN to develop games and reinforcers to increase your dog's enthusiasm and improve his focus.
  • OPEN the door using play apply play as a reinforcer in your training sessions.
  • HEEL work can be precise and focused - Hannah teaches you the foundation, troubleshooting, and communicating by foot!
  • ABSOLUTE ACCURACY teach flawless positions for all obedience exercises.
  • SECRETS to a happy, reliable, POSITIVE retrieve.
  • OPEN & UTILITY exercises from the start - positive, precise and reliable!