Podcast #28: Real Life Training Stuff with John McGuigan

John McGuigan is a dog trainer and behavior consultant in Glasgow, Scotland where he has been running his business for over eight years. He is an instructor with the IMDT and has taught and assessed new trainers.

The Tucked Sit

Podcast #27: No Reward Markers with Fanny Gott

This week through the magic of the internet, I got to talk with Swedish dog trainer, Fanny Gott. I know, right?! I'm the luckiest. Thank you, Internet (and Fanny)! 

Podcast #26: The movement cycle and loopy training

This week I want to pick up where we left off last week talking about splitting, because one one of the things that helps me a lot when I think about how to split behavior and develop my training plan, is to consider the behavior in terms of a movement cycle.

Podcast #25: Breaking up is hard to do (splitting for committed Lumpers)

Splitting is hard, lumping is easy.

You know splitting is good, and you know you want it. And you know lumping is bad, and you never to want to do it in front of people.

Podcast #24: Raising Fearless Puppies with Laura VanArendonk Baugh

Have you ever felt the pressure of getting a new puppy and felt totally frozen, not wanting to screw that puppy up? Me too. On this episode, we are diving into all the feelings of that pressure with Laura VanArendonk Baugh.

Handling Notes from Patty Ruzzo

As I was cleaning up and organizing my files on my computer (hard drive is full up AGAIN), I ran across an old text file simply labeled "Notes - Patty Ruzzo". 

Podcast #23: Dealing with Errors with Emelie Johnson Vegh and Eva Bertilsson

I hope you appreciate the several, unintended, Dr Who references in this episode. If that’s not enough to keep your interest, you might want to unsubscribe (just kidding!).

Podcast #22: Pondering on Stimulus Control with Kathy Sdao

Kathy Sdao’s resume is stacked. Sure there’s the master’s degree in experimental psychology, working with the U.S. Navy to train dolphins and 30+ years as a full-time animal trainer.

Podcast #21: Why Bother With Training Plans

Why plan at all when it could all change?

Planning does the thinking and deciding in advance. It simplifies information, by acting as a filter… for you and for your clients.