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These are a few of my favorite things...

If you are like me, you train almost entirely by yourself.  

Podcast #20: Teaching People to Teach Dogs - Myths and Mistakes

Fellow KPA faculty member, Laurie Luck, joins me for an episode this week. (So, you better look out!)

Podcast #19: Making Time To Train Your Own Dog

Ever feel like life gets away from you and you just don't have time to train? Me too.

All. The. Time.

Podcast #18 - Conversation with Ken Ramirez

Oh boy, I really scored big on this one! This week we got to hang out with The Ken Ramirez! (I know! Squeeeeee!)

Dog Checking Out? Check Your Delivery!

Have you ever been in the middle of a training session, and your dog suddenly leaves you to go sniff something? 

Podcast #17 - Debugging Your Counter Conditioning

We talk about classical conditioning in dog training circles a lot, and I’ve been hearing the term CER more and more frequently in larger conversations, which is AWESOME.

Go out challenge - cheap, but effective

Since Rugby finished his CDSP Novice title this spring, we've been working on prepping to compete in Open later this summer (or fall, we'll see how I feel. I don't want to commit officially yet).

Podcast #16 - Can't decide? Displace!

We've all seen and experienced displacement behavior... but what does that mean?

Podcast #15 - "Force Lite" with Shade Whitesel

Last week I got a chance to hang out with my buddy Shade again. Between training our own dogs (imagine that!) and having a few beers, I managed to coerce her into recording another podcast.

Podcast #14 - Conversation with Andrea Harrison

If you’ve ever been guilty of overthinking your training, struggling with ring nerves, or generally freaking out about dog stuff… you’ll definitely be interested in our guest this week. She’s got good stuff!