Podcast #09 - Conversation with Amy Cook

This week we spend some time hanging out with Amy Cook, PhD.

Podcast #08 - Using a distraction as a cue?

In this episode, I consider the term "distraction proofing", what it means, how I feel about it, and some considerations we should have when training with or for distractions.

Podcast #07 - Conversation with Shade Whitesel

This week we talk with Shade Whitesel. 

Non-dog favorites for #trypod month

I recently found out that March is #trypod month.

Podcast #06 - Conversation with Laurie Luck

Did you know Laurie Luck was my instructor when I went through the Karen Pryor Academy as a student? She was! In fact, she is largely to blame for my current situation, particularly my existence on social media and even this blog! Even after graduation, she just couldn't shake me.

Oops... my bad!

Earlier today I was working on Rugby's hold portion of the retrieve behavior, specifically looking to build a strong hold on the glove. He's got very terrier tendencies (as expected), and has a high frequency of thrashing and shredding soft materials.

Podcast #05 - It's more than a click (or clicker)

As you or may not know, I self-identify as a clicker trainer. I always struggle a bit to find language to succinctly describe what I do and how I do it in a meaningful way.

Podcast #04 - The Relationship Between Frustration and Extinction

Today's topic is frustration. The inspiration for today's topic is brought to you by a combination of my personal life experience and a Dr. Susan Friedman of BehaviorWorks

Podcast #03 - Special Guest Leslie McDevitt!

Leslie McDevitt is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) famous for her popular and powerful program Control Unleashed (often abbreviated as "CU").

Does splitting take longer?

Question: Does breaking down a behavior and teaching individual components take longer than teaching the whole thing in big chunks (*coughcough* lumps)?